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Prefabricated Bathroom Pods an ideal solution for modern construction methods

England is the home for the concept of prefabricated housing. The model was widely established post-war in the United Kingdom and expanded to the United States of America in the 1960s. From that time the concept of prefabrication has taken various shapes and adaptations. Today the use of prefabricated housing is very selective but the development of the prefabricated bathroom pod is increasing and this advanced technology, together with the variety of solutions available, allows more and more incorporation of modular solutions into whole building situations.


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Hospitals, Universities, Nursing Homes, Hotels and Commercial Centres are ideal opportunities for the integration of prefabricated bathroom pods.
Bathsystem manufacture prefabricated bathroom pods in both lightweight concrete and in a steel structure and the Client can select the prefabricated bathroom pod solution preferred dependent upon the function of the building.


The concrete prefabricated bathroom pods manufactured by Bathsystem are produced in lightweight concrete 1600kg/mc and the wall thickness is generally 50mm, this produces a very good basis acoustic insulation and fire resistance performance.
Bathsystem have now developed a new range of prefabricated bathroom pods, “Super Light”, which have quickly become a signature product. They are extremely lightweight structures with the ability to incorporate slim floor profiles and are constructed using Bathsystem’s own unique steel profile with a combination of Fermacell wall panels.


All Bathsystem prefabricated bathroom pods are internally finished in accordance with the Clients requirements and the units are entirely completed with a variety of range of wall tiles, laminate panels, sanitary ware, shower and bath fittings. Bathsystem partners with well known and reliable manufacturing brands and the Client is able to develop the product working with the Bathsystem team. Great focus is made on the mechanical and electrical compliance and our in-house engineers work in accordance with all European legislations.
Bathsystem has a specialist technical office which, with the aid of 3D software, assists the Client to select and develop the most advantageous solution for the individual project.


Bathsystem delivers the finished product to site and once in position the prefabricated bathroom pods are able to readily accept a variety of wall finishes. One of the big advantages of prefabricated bathroom pods is achieved by the rigorous quality procedure and testing processes in the factory and the prefabricated bathroom pod arrives to site ready for final connection complete with electrical distribution boards and WRAS approved plumbing connections. All the mechanical and electrical installations are tested and certified in the factory to the regulation of the Country of destination.


Bathsystem Prefabricated Bathroom Pod technology, attention to the environment

Bathsystem pays particular attention to the environmental and local area infrastructure impact during the course of manufacture of the prefabricated bathroom pods and is able to guarantee that all the procedures, materials and technological influences used in the production of the prefabricated bathroom pods have been established to minimise the environmental impact of the production process. Bathsystem rigorously investigates supply chain source to ensure that all suppliers also comply with these commitments.


The production facility in Italy is committed to minimising waste and actively promotes recycling of surplus material created during production and one of the great advantages of factory production is that the waste percentages are greatly reduced to those on a traditional construction project.
Bathsystem also manufacture prefabricated kitchens which can be combined with the prefabricated bathroom pods or indeed produced as an individual pod either linear, square or L-shaped. The kitchen fittings has per the bathrooms can also be bespoke to the Clients own requirements.





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